[2022/2/24] Online Drone Experience & Tokyo Drone Tour ~ Quick Hands-on Class at Ginza Drone Cafe “Sky Fight” and More ~ [status: closed]

  • [LIVE] Drone Experience & Lecture

    Attend the hands-on drone class at a Ginza Drone Cafe online!
  • [VR] Inside and Out of Drone Cafe

    Maneuver youself inside the Drone Cafe on VR 360-degree Movie and Indoor View.
  • [VTR] Ginza Walking Tour

    Tour on Tokyo Ginza area. Starting from Yuraku-cho~Ginza~Kabuki Theater on VTR.
  • [Drone Movie] Sumida River Tour

    Drone movie goes up on Sumida river that runs through the center of Tokyo!

Tour Information

Date & Time February 24, 2022 (Thu.),
19:00-20:00 JT
Price ¥2,000
Duration 60 minutes

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  • Meal
  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • LIVE
  • VTR
  • Opening (19:00)
  • Ginza Tour

  • [Drone Movie] Sumida River

  • [VR 360-degree Movie] Ginza Drone Cafe “Sky Fight”

  • [VR Indoor View] Ginza Drone Cafe “Sky Fight”

  • Drone Lecture – Ginza Drone Cafe

  • Drone Experience – Ginza Drone Cafe

  • Talk & Quiz – Ginza Drone Cafe

  • Ending (20:00)

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Terms & Condittions

Terms & Condittions

Min. # of Participants 5 persons
Max. # of Participants 30 persons
Included in Price Participation Fee
Planned & Opperated by Almo Tourism

Cancellation Policy

Fully refundable when cancelled before 8 days prior to the travel date.
The cancellation fee of 100% of the tour price will be charged if cancelled after 7 days prior to the travel date.

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About Zoom

This online tour is conducted using Zoom Web Conferencing tool.The use of Zoom (free) is necessary.
Each customer needs to set up his/her envrironment and is responsible for the internet connection and the use of the device such as PC/smartphone for the use of Zoom.
Before applying for the tour, please understand that we cannot offer support for the Zoom system.


・Network Environment (minimum):1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps or more(Up/Down)
・Device Needed:Camera, Spearker/Headset/Earphone, Microphone (Please test them before the session!)


・Please use the “nickname” you filled on your application form as your display name.
・We might take control on your online status as needed.
・Please use “chat” function if you have any questions or concerns. We will reply when possible.
・The time schedule and the contents of the tour are subject to change.

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